How We Reinvent

Our Global, Cross-Functional Teams Collaborate, Innovate, and Empower Our Partners to Achieve their Business & Social Change Goals

With the spark of an idea from retail partners or brands, we help lay out the roadmap and manage a project from start to finish to realize the product dreams of our clients and their customers. Beach House Group’s team brings decades of experience in retail management, marketing, design, product development, sourcing, quality control, logistics, & replenishment to meet the nuances and specific needs of each individual client’s opportunity.


Who Are We?

...A Group of Ambitious Dreamers Who Love to Work & Play

The Beach House (yes, it's a real place!) is where we get our best thinking done.  It’s where we get to know our partners over a game of volleyball between brainstorm sessions, where we throw back a few homemade Greyhounds and where we think up the next novel brand that can change the industry. 

Beach House Group is team of entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and socially conscious souls who wake up every morning inspired to make the world a better place through meaningful product, great design, and amazing partnerships. 

BHG has offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Sydney, New York and Minneapolis with an ever-expanding footprint to service our clients.